HP is deeply invested in diversity. They asked us to create a video to promote that message.
In this video, we explore people's pre-conceived notions of the All-American Family and what it truly means today.

Some uncovered facts from studies about perceptions in the US today:

• 3 in 4 respondents identify an All-American family as white, heterosexual with children, while only 1 in 4 American families match that portrait
• 8 in 10 Americans agree it's difficult to define an All-American family because America is so diverse
• 68% of LGBTQ people consider their families All-American vs. 58% who believe others would describe them in same way
• 1 in 3 Americans say they would be nervous to bring home a significant other of a different race
• 1 in 2 say their family would prefer they date or marry someone of the same race/religion
• Although 95% of those surveyed report being close with their families, 1 in 3 have cut ties with a family member based on perceived intolerant views